The cultural heritage of the common border area of South Bohemia, Vysočina, South Moravia and Lower Austria is the focus of this project. The Czech-Lower Austrian museum landscape is intended to be imparted to visitors and residents of the border area in a more attractive and accessible manner.

     Focal points are:

  • To convey the Lower Austrian-Czech border area, a selection of sights and museums made by and for young people and young adults is presented in the AREAacz.
  • scientific analysis of regional specifics in expert groups
  • cross-border conferences
  • presentations in exhibitions
  • publications on the topics of:
    • building(s) and life in the Middle Ages
    • life and customs in the border region
    • glass making and history of the border


Heritage SK-AT

The Museumsmanagement Niederösterreich works together with Lower Austrian and Slovak partners in the cross-border Heritage SK-AT project. We have set ourselves the goal to explore, digitize, present and to carry on the cultural heritage of the region with many activities.

Focal points are:

  • digitalization and Web presentation of traditional crafts and sample collections
  • exhibitions in Castle Jedenspeigen and mansion Modra
  • cross-border conferences
  • cross-border days of open studios
  • mutual acquaintance of institutions and museums
  • festivals and presentations on the topics of viticulture, fruit crops, craft tradition