The Museumsmanagement Niederösterreich works with national and international partners on projects to research, preserve and convey cultural heritage. The project partners include universities, colleges and museums as well as municipalities, federal states, regions and the European Union.

Various projects are dedicated to the inventory and digitization of collections, the processing of the founding history of city museums as well as the presentation and communication of the cultural heritage for a young audience. The focus is always on making museum treasures and special features visible.

Neighborhood, regional and cross-border projects are important initiatives for cultural networking. They create a direct dialogue and enrich through collaborative work. They are essential building blocks that create an authentic and cosmopolitan culture with a lively perspective.


Heritage SK-AT

The project is carried out across borders in exchange with partners from Austria and the Slovak Republic. The focus is on the promotion and maintenance of traditions and traditional handicrafts, the digitization of handicraft sample collections, the revitalization of two historical buildings, the conception of joint exhibitions and a cross-border day of open studios.

Project duration 2017-2022 | project details



Is a cross-border project in cooperation with partners from Austria and the Czech Republic. The aim of the project is to increase interest in the common cultural heritage, to make the Czech-Lower Austrian museum landscape more attractive and accessible and to promote the networking of cultural institutions.

Project duration 2017-2021 | project details


Glassmaking traditions

In the course of the KPF project "The Czech-Austrian glassmaking tradition lives on", the year 2020 was dedicated to the glass factories and glass artists in Vysocina and Lower Austria. With Vysočina Tourism as lead partner, wonderful insights into the glass worlds of the regions were created.

Project duration 2020 | project details