Museumsmanagement Niederösterreich, Foto: Katrin Vogg

Lower Austria offers a particularly rich museum landscape!

A wide range of topics with interesting and worth knowing facts can be found in the various museums and collections of Lower Austria. Around 750 museums, collections, exhibition centres, themed trails and memorials convey the history and heritage of the country.

The spectrum ranges from the grand houses of the country to the many regional, special and city museums or the treasuries of the monasteries and convents. The wide-ranging cultural and educational projects and special exhibitions offer fascinating insights and interesting facts for the whole family. Special exhibitions and events of museums can be found in our always up-to-date calendar of events.

Visit the museums and collections in our country and enjoy their offers and exhibitions.

Special exhibitions and museum events can be found in our always up-to-date Calendar of events in German

Information on the museum landscape of Lower Austria

  • Exhibition brochure
    An exhibition brochure about museums and exhibitions in the State of Lower Austria is published in German every year in March. It combines and provides contact details, opening times and special exhibitions of all institutions and is available for free in every museum of Lower Austria.
    Exhibition magazine in German only
  • Cultural mediation for children and youth
    A program booklet about special educational offers for children and youth in museums of Lower Austria is published in German every autumn. It contains the short information, appointments, bookable offers and contact data and is available for free in selected museums of Lower Austria.
    Program booklet in German only
  • KISCH – Schaufenster für Kinder
    Every year in May/June a magazine with exciting articles for children on culture and lots of creativity to join in is published in German, publisher: Kultur.Region.Niederösterreich
    Children magazine in German only
  • Schaufenster Kultur.Region
    The cultural magazine in German appears 8 × per year. News from the cultural life in Lower Austria with articles from the fields of culture, volunteering, museums, folk culture, music schools, choral scene, creative academies.
    Cultural magazine in German
  • AREAacz - Poster-Booklet
    A selection made by and for young people of sights and museums to visit along the Lower Austrian-Czech border area ("AREAacz") is available as AREAacz-Poster-Bookletand is presented online at AREAacz (in German). The region is intended to be imparted to adolescents and young adults in an attractive and exciting way.


All brochures are available at the Museumsmanagement Niederösterreich, just write an e-mail and we will send it to you free of charge: office@noemuseen.at