Springtime at the Museum (Museumsfrühling)

Every year in May in over 100 museums in Lower Austria


On the occasion of the International Museum Day, many events and special programs are offered on one weekend. For young and old alike, there is something for everyone!

The "Museumsfrühling" at the Museum is a nationwide, coordinated initiative by the Museumsanagement of Lower Austria to bring the importance and diversity of the museums and collections of Lower Austria in the spotlight. The participating institutions range from city, monastery and regional museums, exhibition halls and art institutions to private collections and themed trails. The wide range of events include, amongst others, exhibition openings, workshops, concerts, guided hikes, curators and director tours, museum cafes, morning get-togethers, film screenings, painting studios, cabarets and readings in the museum.

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1.-31. Mai 2024:

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